Anxiety Awareness Course

Anxiety Awareness Course in Ware

The very idea of facing a fear is extremely frightening in its own right, therefore the group sessions have been designed to be safe and as relaxed as they can be. Nobody will be asked to disclose their fears to other group members unless it is their wish to do so. It is also a requirement that all members attending the group will have experienced anxiety. This is to ensure that all group members are able to be supportive and non-judgemental with each other.

This programme is designed to help those who have moments of fear and panic, whether the anxiety comes from a moment that is not explained such as free floating anxiety or generalised anxiety or from a known fear that presents as a phobia.

In this six week experience you will:

–          Learn the physiology behind anxiety to help explain symptoms and how they have              an effect on the body.

–          Learn to identify stressors and triggers.

–          Have new skills along with mindfulness techniques.

–          Meet and feel supported by other people who have been affected by anxiety.

The the next group will take place in Ware, Hertfordshire on Friday 27th February at  7pm.

The charge for this course is £60 for the whole Six weeks with a down payment of £30