19th Jan 15

Nick Clegg has pledged an overhaul on the way the NHS deals with suicide. This is long overdue and simply must go forward.

I have heard of cases whereby NHS staff, particularly in A&E, have had little or no time for the reasons behind suicide attempts when treating patients, often treating them with an accusational attitude of time wasting.

Nick Clegg said,

“Suicide is one of the biggest killers of men under the age of 50 and if this was a physical health problem, there would be a national outcry”

How very true especially when such could be prevented with a little more time and understanding for the individual that is clearly in immense psychological pain. If a person was to enter A&E with chest pains would he not be seen with more empathy then the person who is about to or has made an attempt on their own life? Clearly there is less stigma associated with the death caused by the heart then there is of the mind.

Nick Clegg also acknowledges that currently there is a general hidden assumption there is nothing to be done to prevent suicide. However after the study of a program introduced in the US city of Detroit, that saw a reduction rate of 75% of suicides within four years, Nick Clegg is now proposing a similar overhaul to the NHS.